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Dr. Don’s Kits

Dr. Don’s Kits

USA / Personal Use

Stop brushing with soap and fluoride and switch to Dr. Don’s. Replace your normal toothpaste with Dr. Don’s Toothpowder. If you prefer the feel of toothpaste, you can add a little toothpowder on top of the toothpaste and brush normally.
Great for travel. Keep a bottle with you and use throughout the day to keep your mouth fresh. Just sprinkle a little in your mouth from the bottle.
If you have sensitive teeth, put some of the powder against the sensitive area and let sit until dissolved.
After brushing, rinse mouth with 1 teaspoon of Dr. Don’s Oral Rinse and a little water for about 30 seconds. Repeat as needed. Also, if using a WaterPik, add about 1 cap full to the water reservoir and irrigate teeth.

One Kit contains:
・One 12oz bottle of Dr. Don’s Oral Rinse
・One 2oz bottle of Dr. Don’s Antiozidant Toothpowder Helps control bad breath
・Works with periodontal treatments to help reduce gum swelling and bleeding
・Helps reduce plaque
・No Fluoride
・No Alcohol
・No Parabens
・No Sodium Laurel Sulfate
Dr. Don’s Kits

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