Recently, agriculture has become characterized by increasing cultivation using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Overuse of such chemical agents, however, has caused replant failure and an increase in pests. It is clear that chemical substances used in agriculture affect our environment and ecosystem.

Merits of using EM products in agriculture


When sprayed on farmland, EM products contributes to soil enrichment, by harmonizing and diversifying native microorganisms. A diversified base of microorganisms will be fed on by earthworms and the number of micro-drills will increase. This makes the soil healthy. As a result, plants grow well, pest pressure is reduced and high quality crops can be grown.

Benefits of using EM products in agriculture:

Soil Conditioning

Use of EM products help microorganisms become active and diverse in the soil. This results in enriching the land-ecosystem and increasing earthworms. EM products together with organic matter accelerates decomposition of hummus, thus softening the soil. This improves water and nutrient retention.

Replant failure

EM products diversifies micro biomes in the soil. This inhibits the increase in specific microorganisms including pathogens, thereby reducing the risk of replant failure.

Measures against salt damage

Concurrent use of EM products and added organic matter speeds up decomposition. It improves both the physical and chemical properties of soil, while sharpening its buffering capacity. These measures guard against salt damage in maritime environments.

Increasing harvests

EM products helps plants grow well. This leads to yield increases, longer cultivation periods, and high quality crops. Together, these improvements lead to richer harvests.

Producing crops with added value

It is said that our vegetables contain much less nutritional value compared with those grown fifty years ago. However, EM vegetables have high nutritional value and increased sugar content, which improves their taste and allows them to be preserved longer.

Additional benefits

Improvement of working environment

EM is composed of naturally-derived microorganisms, which are safe and eco-friendly. It is not necessary to put on goggles, masks, and protective clothing when spraying EM. Similarly, EM never pollutes water systems.

Lowering environmental burden

EM is manufactured from naturally-derived material. It is easy to be decomposed after use, and, therefore, EM never pollutes groundwater. Instead, it purifies soil, groundwater, lakes and rivers, thereby reducing environmental burdens.

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