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EM Energetic soap

EM Energetic soap

Poland / Personal Use

Soothing and rejuvenating cosmetic product. Made of top quality natural ingredients. It contains live bacteria cultures: Effective Microorganisms®, EMX Gold antioxidants and Japanese ceramic clay. It provides excellent care for the entire skin and it can successfully replace a shampoo with conditioner. Due to lactic acid bacteria content, it is also recommended as an intimate hygiene product. Natural ceramic clay effectively cleanses the skin and provides it with necessary minerals. Clay is a reliable cosmetic product, it has been successfully used in home skin care. It is easily applied, and since it is absolutely natural, use of such cosmetics carries no risk of skin allergy or irritation. Instead of products prepared in laboratory, go for beneficial effect of Effective Microorganisms®. Your skin will love it.
EM Energetic soap


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