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EMIKO®FutterBokashi EFM Nutztiere

EMIKO®FutterBokashi EFM Nutztiere

Germany / Animal/Husbandry

EMIKO®FutterBokashi EFM Nutztiere (The certified organic single feed for livestock) is an herbal-fermented feed supplement for cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats; with natural lactic acid and valuable EM technology metabolites. In the course of the fermentation process, useful metabolic products such as vitamins, antioxidants and lactic acid, among others, are produced. The organic single feed for livestock with natural lactic acid is ideal for feed supplementation, as it combines all the known positive properties of fermentation products and the original EM technology.
  • ・Contains many vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and other valuable metabolic products of EM Thchnology other than natural acid.
  • ・The positive effect on digestion and the microbiome is well established from domestic animal and horse husbandry.
  • ・Add to solid feed; the daily ration can be provided in one meal or divided into several meals.
Do not add feed bokashi to roughage.
EMIKO®FutterBokashi EFM Nutztiere

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