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EM White Refresh

EM White Refresh

Poland / Personal Use

Cleanliness – different perspective Nowadays, the word “clean” is most often understood as “free of bacteria and other microorganisms”. Ads of different cleaning agents and disinfectants make us believe that there is something like “perfect cleanliness”. This is practically impossible as microorganisms inhabit all surfaces of this world – we live in an OCEAN OF MICROORGANISMS. Among them, there are harmful as well as those essential for human health. Powerful disinfectants kill “malicious bacteria” but unfortunately also the beneficial microorganisms inhabiting our environment. Therefore, there are two options: either we leave the cleaned surface to get populated by microbes by chance, or we populate the cleaned surface with selected and life-friendly microorganisms. EM White Refresh is an eco-friendly agent for refreshing and keeping cleanliness. Use of EM White Refresh at home involves taking over the initiative and developing the population of beneficial microorganisms. It contains natural organic acids and enzymes obtained from fermentation of Effective Microorganisms™ as well as herbs, fruit and brown rice. High content of natural antioxidants.
  • ・Populates the environment with live beneficial microflora
  • ・Biological cleaning and disinfection. Eliminates unpleasant smells
  • ・Restricts development of harmful microorganisms and mites
  • ・It creates the air of positive energy and refreshment indoors
EM White Refresh


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