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EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole

EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole

Germany / Human Comsumption

The origin
220 million years ago, there was an incomplete volcanic eruption on the border of the Wiehengebirge in northern Germany. In a depth of 800m it enclosed a part of the ancient ocean that existed there in those days. Since then, it is protected from any environmental influences. Its special feature is its extremely high mineral content of 31,8%.
Initially,  EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole was an unspoilt sea water in healing quality which is confirmed by a consultant recommendation. It is free of pollution, doesn´t have to be cleaned and has a stable unique composition of minerals. All ingredients of the ancient ocean can be transformed from liquid to crystal form. Therefore, this salt contains only 91,5% NaCl. The rest is other minerals.
For EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole, the initial brine is combined with EM-X Gold® and EM-X® Ceramics to transfer the resonances of the EM Effective Microorganisms. The drying process and forming of the salt crystals takes place at max. 40°C. Due to this careful process the salt has an absolutely unique taste.

Excellent taste
EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole is not only of an excellent taste, but has an extraordinary high portion of important mass and trace elements. Solved in water, the Brine is more like a vegetable brew than simple salt water. Due to its positive qualities, it emphasizes the tastes of fresh foods and can be used in many ways.
EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole is the hand scooped ancient ocean water from which EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole is made. For a creative, even and purposeful seasoning of food when cooking, frying or at table.

EMIKO® Ur-Meersalz Sole

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