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EMIKO® EM Probiotic for Bees

EMIKO® EM Probiotic for Bees

Germany / Agriculture, Apiculture, Environment

EM Probiotic for Bees creates a positive microbial environment for bees and hives. The colonization with positive microorganisms improves the microbiological balance and harmful microorganisms cannot multiply.
The use of bees is harmless because the product is made from natural ingredients and positive microorganisms.
As an alternative to using smoke, the bees can be calmed down stress-free by spraying them with EM Probiotic for Bees. A low pH value is created during the fermentation of EM Probiotic for Bees, which can inhibit the development of harmful germs in the environment of the bees and the hive and improve the microbiological balance. In this way, EM probiotics for bees contribute to strengthening the colonies in a natural way and maintaining their size and vitality.
For the production of EM Probiotic for Bees, high-quality, natural ingredients and herbs are fermented in a special process using EM technology.

water, sugar cane molasses, microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts)
  • ・Provides a positive microbial environment for bees and hives
  • ・Bee care has a sanitizing effect
  • ・Has a positive and calming effect on the bees
  • ・Counteracts the spread of bacteria and fungi
  • ・Bee colonies are naturally strengthened and vitality increases
  • ・EM proobiotic for bees can be sprayed neat or diluted 1:10 with water directly onto bees, honeycomb, approach board, etc., as well as while working on the beehive.
EMIKO® EM Probiotic for Bees

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