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EMIKO® MikroDünger

EMIKO® MikroDünger

Germany / Agriculture

EMIKO® MikroDünger is an organic fertilizer with EM Effective Microorganisms for the improved supply of nutrients to all plants.

EMIKO® MikroDünger provides nutrients which are available quickly for an immediate fertilizing effect. Additional nutrients are slowly mineralized and ensure the supply for the plant at a later time. They are stored in the soil and are protected from being flushed out into the ground water. EMIKO® MikroDünger also promotes the life in the soil, the EM Effective Microorganisms it contains providing for its ideal composition.

  • ・10-20 ml in 10 l of irrigation water .
  • ・Plants that require a lot of water, water once a week .
  • ・Consume the prepared fertilizer solution within 24 hours. In order to allow the plants to hibernate over the winter, only the EMIKO Garten und Bodenaktivator is used from August without any other fertilizer.
  • ・The organic fertilizer concentrate is usually applied outdoors as well as indoors in alternating use with the soil additive EMIKO Garten und Bodenaktivator
EMIKO® MikroDünger is not suitable for hydroponics.
EMIKO® MikroDünger

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