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EMIKO®Care Gesichtscreme Citrus

EMIKO®Care Gesichtscreme Citrus

Germany / Personal Use

EMIKO®Care Gesichtscreme Citrus (Face Cream Citrus) is an intensively nourishing face cream with a sporty, fresh scent.
  • ・Aloe vera and olive oil moisturize the skin and are known for their anti-inflammatory effect. Shea butter soothes and relieves tension.
  • ・EM-X Gold and EM-X ceramic powder enhances the care effect of the high-quality natural ingredients. EM Sea Salt Gold supplies the skin with valuable minerals.
  • ・Comes with EM-X ceramic ball for energizing.
  • ・Suitable for all skin types as day and night care, for women and men.
  • ・Vegan. Free from mineral oils, silicone oils and artificial colourings.
  • ・Apply the cream to dry areas such as under the eyes or around the cheeks. If necessary, mix with the EMIKOCare Facial Milk Citrus and apply.
EMIKO®Care Gesichtscreme Citrus

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