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EM Bokashi Animal

EM Bokashi Animal

Belize / Animal/Husbandry

EM Bokashi Animal is a feed additive made from a mixture of food grade microorganisms of natural origin on a natural feed substrate of rice or wheat brand. It is safe for animal consumption and is used in combination with the daily ration at 5% of animal feed being used.
EM Bokashi Animal is used in the commercial livestock industry as a probiotic feed supplement for birds (i.e. chicken, turkey, ducks etc.), ruminants (i.e. cattle, goat, sheep etc) and non-ruminants (pigs, horses etc) to increase the welfare and efficient functioning of the animal’s digestive system.
  • ・EM Bokashi Animal will help maintain a microbial balanced digestive system of the animals that consume it.
EM Bokashi Animal

Belize Agro Enterprise Limited (BAEL)


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