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EMIKO® BioTeichpflege

EMIKO® BioTeichpflege

Germany / Water Treatment, Environment

A well looked after pond is the pride and joy of everyone who owns a garden. However, ponds and fish tanks are sensitive ecological systems and are easily upset through a wide range of environmental influences. Murky water, increased algae formation, and disease-prone fish are the result. EMIKO® BioTeichpflege (Pond care) contains selected, useful EM Effective Microorganisms in high concentration, which contribute to regenerating and maintaining the vitality of water, plants, and living things. 
With EMIKO® BioTeichpflege we offer you an environmentally friendly, natural, and sustainable solution for a stable pond ecosystem.
  • ・Improved water quality
  • ・Support for positive pond microorganisms
  • ・Suppression of disease-causing microorganisms
  • ・Promotion of the health of the fish
  • ・Quick decomposition of organic and inorganic compounds.
  • ・Increase of filter performance through effective decomposition of waste products.
  • ・Reduction of ground sediments and mud
  • ・The use of chemical water treatment products can be minimized.
EMIKO® BioTeichpflege

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