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EM Bokashi Balls

EM Bokashi Balls

Poland / Water Treatment

EM Bokashi Balls reduce the strength of bottom sediment in ponds, stagnant or flowing water, as they break down the digested sludge they contain. They are also known as “Mud Balls” which have been used successfully in water treatment all over the world since the invention of EM technology. The EM Bokashi balls break down the digested sludge and thus the contaminating part of the sludge. Bokashi balls measured on the surface of the water are thrown into the water, they fall to the bottom, there they disintegrate, and effective microorganisms reach the selected place directly. They complement all the positive microorganisms in the sediment, together stop rotting and promote the decomposition of organic and inorganic compounds. Bokashi balls help to prevent or gradually eliminate eutrophication. Thus, they have a significant impact on the quality of the water and the vitality of fish and other pond creatures.
EM Bokashi Balls


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