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OSiBA Hulup

OSiBA Hulup

Germany / Human Comsumption

Our intestine is confronted daily with the substances we eat and drink. It provides our body with nutrients. Additionally, almost all other substances which enter our body come in through the intestine.
Therefore the health of our intestine has a great influence on our well-being and the effectiveness of our immune system. If our intestine is weakened, a milieu shift occurs which makes it easier for pollutants and disease-causing microorganisms to enter our body and spread. The intestine is not only an organ, but also home to numerous bacteria which support our digestion and influence the milieu. It is important to nurture them and provide them with ideal conditions.
OSiBA Hulup is a fermented drink consisting of numerous natural raw materials which are fermented several times through EM Effective Microorganisms®. This produces, among other things, many enzymes. A portion of the first fermentation product is removed and fermented again with more ingredients. This process is repeated several times. The result is increasingly smaller building blocks. Large enzymes are broken down into tiny units, which enables the body to absorb them directly through the mucosa of the mouth, and the intestine.
Furthermore, Hulup contains inulin in the form of Jerusalem artichoke syrup, as well as valuable active ingredients from various vegetables, herbs, and sprouted seeds. OSiBA Hulup contains no alcohol or lactose, and is suitable for a vegan diet.

OSiBA Hulup

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