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EM Silage Maker

EM Silage Maker

Poland / Animal/Husbandry

A blend of Effective Microorganisms® for use in production of top class silages and haylages, facilitating feed fermentation processes. Effective Microorganisms® included in the product and intended to enhance the silage-making and maintenance processes, inhibit growth of bacteria unwanted in the fermentation process. EM Silage Maker guarantees permanent ensiling. Administration of feeds produced using Effective Microorganisms® ensures proper digestion processes and excellent use of nutrients contained in these feeds by animals. The product is ready to use – it requires no activation and stimulation. The product is safe and easy to use. It accelerates ensilage of high protein feed (which is hard to ensile). It allows to obtain high quality silage at little spending.
EM Silage Maker


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