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EM Bokashi Composting Starter

EM Bokashi Composting Starter

Poland / Agriculture

Microbiological activator of fermentation processes, intended to accelerate and stimulate the process of composting organic waste. It may be used in bins for home composting of kitchen waste, and in compost prisms. After preparation of garden soil, EM Bokashi Composting Starter improves its properties and facilitates cultivation. Kitchen waste accounts for nearly half of all household waste. Processing of such waste is a significant economic and environmental issue. EM and EM Bokashi facilitate recycling of food waste and production of valuable compost, to fertilise the garden and pot plants. This is done by implanting organic waste in special containers using EM Bokashi (wheat bran fermented using EM). EM Bokashi provides for a stable fermentation process, with eliminated rotting processes, foul odours and notorious flies. When used carefully, EM saves time and money.
EM Bokashi Composting Starter


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