Case Studies

  • Organic Trout Fish Farming

    Organic Trout Fish Farming


    Flückiger family owns a trout fish farm for more than 50 years. They introduced EM Technology and transformed their farm in an organic certified and sustainable one. more

  • Green Renovation: Before & After

    Green Renovation: Before & After


    In 2002 EM Research Organization purchased a hotel to renovate by using EM Technology. The hotel buildings were so damaged that the remodel was considered unrealistic. However, it turned to be a huge success. This surprised people because the hotel used to be called one of the 'ghost' hotels in mid Okinawa. more

  • EM Use at Monastery

    EM Use at Monastery


    Have you ever heard about a Monastery in Okinawa, Japan? The building has been recently renovated by applying EM ceramics to house materials such as walls and tatami sheet. The ceramics are used to prevent sick-house syndrome. In addition, EM Technologies are applied for gardening, home-cleaning, and recycling the organic matters at the Monastery. more

  • From Desperation to Pride – a doomed mare recovered thanks to EM

    From Desperation to Pride – a doomed mare recovered thanks to EM


    This mare was suffering from a terrible illness which would have killed her and veterinarians could not cure, until her owner met EM more