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OSiBA Bases Colloid

OSiBA Bases Colloid

Germany / Human Comsumption

In a healthy body, acids and bases can be found in a balanced ratio – there is an ideal acid-base-balance. If this balance is disturbed, illnesses can occur. The problem is that we cannot detect with our senses if our acid-base-balance is disturbed. Over-acidity is often recognized too late, because our body knows various methods to reduce the consequences of over-acidity. In the long run, however, it damages itself because it uses bases from the body cells to neutralize acids.
Over-acidity through wrong nutrition:
Nutrition is the main trigger of over-acidity. We eat too much white sugar, grains, and meat, which build acids in the body. On the other hand, fresh fruit and vegetables – of which we do not eat enough – are base builders. Therefore nutrition is not only the problem, but also the solution for over-acidity. You will regain your acid-base-balance if you deliberately change your diet to include more base builders and less acid builders. Alkaline concentrates like OSiBA Bases Colloid will support you on your way to achieving an acid-base-balance.
Essential minerals in colloidal form:
OSiBA Bases Colloid is an isotonic drink (has the same osmolarity as human blood) made from essential minerals in colloidal form. Colloidal means that the minerals are dissolved and very finely distributed. It combines natural active ingredients which are perfect for deacidifying the body. Using the convenient dispenser, you can dissolved OSiBA Bases Colloid straight in water. For children you could also mix it in with natural juices. 

Recommendations for consumption 
2 to max. 4 pumps (4-8ml) in 200ml non-carbonated water (ideally: OSiBA Active Water Steps 1 & 2) 3 times daily or after acid is detected in urine. Take 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. Not suitable for raw food diet because of its high potassium content.

OSiBA Bases Colloid

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