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OSiBA Basenbad

OSiBA Basenbad

Germany / Personal Use

Acids are also excreted through the skin, our largest external excretory organ. A Basenbad is therefore particularly effective in regulating the acid-base-balance. As the base pH-value of the water is about 9, there is a “gradient” between the acid skin and the water. This results in more acids being extracted from the body (diffusion). The pH-value of the water changes during the course of the bath to a value of just under 8.
An alkaline bath is a pleasure for body and soul. Ideally, if you enjoy this, the water temperature should be above 37 degree Celsius, and you should stay in the bath between 30 to 60 minutes. You should scrub your skin several times during the bath. A base bath is also suitable for partial baths, for example a foot bath.

OSiBA Basenbad

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