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EMIKO®RotteLenker (Slurry Additive) is used to inoculate slurry and manure with microorganisms that occur freely in nature. It is suitable for all types of slurry and manure.

With the help of EM, the consistency, odour and plant compatibility of slurry is improved. In the manure, rotting processes are prevented, effectively suppressing odours and fly populations. The slurry is already converted in the barn and the flowability is increased. Floating or sinking layers in the silo are sustainably reduced.

If manure forms mattresses, rotting is prevented and the microbial environment for skin and limbs improves. By optimising the microbial composition, fewer harmful gases are released, so that the stable climate as well as the odour during spreading are significantly improved.

The rotting of manure is significantly accelerated. The nutrients in slurry and manure are broken down by the effective microorganisms, and the fertilising effect sets in more quickly. Since rotting processes are prevented, the manure is richer in nutrients overall.
・Suitable for organic farming, tested by ABCERT AG.
・Listed in the Farm Input List for Organic Agriculture (FiBL).


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