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EMIKO® HorseCare BokashiPLUS

EMIKO® HorseCare BokashiPLUS

Germany / Animal/Husbandry

EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi PLUS is a fermented mix of grist and herbs on the basis of the EM technology for a short-time feed supplement.
In the popular medicine, coal is known for its feature to bind harmful substances and germs. A similar feature is attributed to ground natural volcanic rock. Both products are traditional aids whose application is in folk memory since generations.
On basis of this knowledge EMIKO® HorseCare BokashiPLUS was developed and unites the positive attributes of feed coal, the volcanic mineral clinoptilolite, herbs from controlled organic farming and further natural ingredients that is all fermented together.

EMIKO® HorseCare BokashiPLUS

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