Who We Are

“EMRO provides sustainable systems using microbial technology and promotes new ways of social contribution by envisioning the future of the earth, 10, 20 and 100 years from now.”

EMRO looks ahead to the future 100 years from now

EM Research Organization Inc. (EMRO) was founded in 1994 for the purpose of social contribution via the technology utilized EM. EM consists of a wide variety of beneficial, non-pathogenic, naturally occurring microorganisms. Since its establishment, EMRO has been involved in initiatives to improve agriculture and the environment through EM.

Our aim is to promote sustainable agriculture, which provides healthy food while protecting the environment. Originally, EM was developed for use in agriculture as an alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. However, it can also be used to great advantage in a far wider range of applications, such as environmental remediation and medical sanitation.

EM promotes a recycling-oriented society

EM will help promote a recycling-oriented society. By using EM, we are able to recycle various kinds of resources leading to potential cost reduction at all levels of society. Using EM in the environmental field will solve many environmental problems and help society enjoy a rich natural environment. Using EM for agriculture, we are able to produce safe and high quality food at low cost.

Using EM in the architectural field, it is possible to provide a comfortable living environment. EM is now used in bioremediation systems such as water purification, as well as in other fields such as shrimp culture and construction. We have also developed many products such as soil conditioners, refreshment drinks and food products which utilize this technology.

We will continue to research and develop microbial technology to promote sustainable agriculture, improve the environment and produce healthy food.