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EM Livestock

EM Livestock

Belize / Animal/Husbandry

EM Livestock is a natural PROBIOTIC made from a mixture of microorganism of natural origin. It is used in the feed and water for consumption by the animals and the areas or environment where animals reside. EM Livestock is a ready to use product and requires no activation and is safe for consumption.
EM Livestock is used in the commercial livestock industry such as birds (i.e. chicken, turkey, ducks etc.), ruminants (i.e. cattle, goat, sheep etc) and non-ruminants (pigs, horses etc) to suppress odor in the places where the animals are housed and as a probiotic to increase the welfare and efficient functioning of the animal’s digestive system.
  • ・Reduce and or suppress the growth of many pathogenic microorganisms in the environment where the product is used.
  • ・​​​​​​​In general EM Livestock is used in the feed at a rate of 1-3L per ton of feed; in the water at 1L for every 2-3 thousand liters of water consumed and in the area where the animals reside at 1-2L for every 300 square meters of space.
EM Livestock

Belize Agro Enterprise Limited (BAEL)


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