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EM Camaron

EM Camaron

Belize / Aquaculture, Water Treatment

EM Camaron is a NATURAL PROBIOTIC comprised of a mixture of beneficial microorganisms that is used in the production of shrimp and other aquaculture and fish farming production.
EM Camaron is used in both its activated form in the feed and in its extended form as it is applied in the water and soil and upon the organic loads created by the shrimp and other farmed culture within the ponds. Within the feed it serves as a probiotic that improves the digestive system of the shrimp or fish while increasing the digestibility of the feed while protecting against growth of pathogenic organisms. In the water and organic loads, it increases the rate of decomposition of such organic material while it suppresses the growth of harmful microbes within at the same time.
  • ・​​​​​​​This product displaces pathogenic microorganisms in water, soil and the organic loads within the ponds while reduces odor and create a favorable environment for the production of shrimp and other fish farmed culture.
EM Camaron

Belize Agro Enterprise Limited (BAEL)


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