Case Studies

  • Working Toward the EM Universal Village

    Working Toward the EM Universal Village


    EM Research Organization and Kitanakagusuku village officials have launched a project called "Creating a Healthy and Welfare Village through Agriculture in Kitanakagusuku". This government-led initiative aims to integrate "housing, food, and tourism" with agriculture. more

  • Eco City Development Project

    Eco City Development Project


    An eco-city development project which applies EM Technology based on creating healthy and balanced environment for residents has been launched in Malaysia.
    Tanah Sutera Development Company has developed an area of 487ha at Johor Bahru City where a "Zero waste and green living environment starts with the eco-city's residents and expands to other communities and society at large”. more

  • Green Renovation: Before & After

    Green Renovation: Before & After


    In 2002 EM Research Organization purchased a hotel to renovate by using EM Technology. The hotel buildings were so damaged that the remodel was considered unrealistic. However, it turned to be a huge success. This surprised people because the hotel used to be called one of the 'ghost' hotels in mid Okinawa. more

  • EM Use at Monastery

    EM Use at Monastery


    Have you ever heard about a Monastery in Okinawa, Japan? The building has been recently renovated by applying EM ceramics to house materials such as walls and tatami sheet. The ceramics are used to prevent sick-house syndrome. In addition, EM Technologies are applied for gardening, home-cleaning, and recycling the organic matters at the Monastery. more