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EM Probiotic

EM Probiotic

Poland / Animal/Husbandry

A blend of Effective Microorganisms® strengthening animal immunity and protecting animal health. The product is used in preventing diseases associated with weakened immunity and disturbed metabolism, and during antibiotic therapy. EM Probiotic is a complementary feeding stuff for use in animal feeding, added to feed or water. It improves feed assimilation and digestibility. It stimulates body immunity and contributes to the growth of probiotic microflora in animal alimentary tract, thus protecting it from development of pathogenic bacteria. The product is sprayed in livestock buildings (also with animals inside) reducing emission of foul odours and enhancing animal welfare. It reduces litter moisture. EM Probiotic improves palatability and intake of feed, with simultaneous reduction of consumption per kilogram of body gain. Used systematically as food additive, it allows to considerably reduce or eliminate the use of medicines in animal breeding.
EM Probiotic


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