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EMIKO® HorseCare Fellkur

EMIKO® HorseCare Fellkur

Germany / Animal/Husbandry

EMIKO® HorseCare Fellkur (Coat Care) is a bright EM product with a special mixture of EM Effective Microorganisms® for targeted and natural coat care.

Microorganisms are everywhere in our environment: In the soil, in the air, on plants, in the digestive tract, and also on the skin. The skin is the largest organ and envelops the body of the horse and forms a barrier to the outside world, however, it does have a certain permeability. The skin has a protective acid layer which is typically covered with living microorganisms.

EMIKO® HorseCare Fellkur supports the natural protective function, because EM Effective Microorganisms® provide a positive milieu on the skin, which deprives the damaging germs and molds of their breeding ground. Harmful germs are therefore not able to penetrate the skin. The substances produces by the microorganisms, together with the extract of marigold, gently nurture skin and coat. The skin becomes smooth, the coat shines in all its glory, and is easy to groom.

EMIKO® HorseCare Fellkur is particularly suitable for problem zones and/or sensitive skin areas. The coat treatment can also be used without hesitation to positive effect for cleaning and caring for the sensitive skin on penis, udder or hoof bulb. EM Effective Microorganisms® work to eliminate unpleasant coat odors, thereby reducing the nuisance caused by flies.

EMIKO® HorseCare Fellkur

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