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EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi

EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi

Germany / Animal/Husbandry

EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi combines all the positive characteristics of the EM Effective Microorganisms® which are specifically aimed at horses and those metabolic products which develop through the fermentation process.

During fermentation of high-quality grains and valuable herbs, EM Effective Microorganisms® produce various vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, and antioxidants. These vital substances are contained in the product alongside Effective Microorganisms and make EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi into a veritable power pack for your horse and its sensitive digestive system.

Daily feed which is deficient in nutrients, or an unphysiological order and size of feed rations, will cause every horse to suffer to some degree from digestive problems and the consequences thereof. For this reason, the requirements for high-quality nutrients and cell-protecting antioxidants increase particularly during sporting activities, in times of muscle building, or during and after sickness.

Effective Microorganisms within the digestive tract ensure a balanced intestinal flora and the nutrients present can help to eliminate any deficits. If the intestinal flora is stable, the receptors in the bowel walls will be populated with positive microorganisms, which will take away any source of life from disease-causing (pathogenic) germs and therefore their chance to penetrate the organism.
It is important to know the natural requirements of your horse in order to specifically influence them and promote increased performance, well-being, and intact defense mechanisms.

EMIKO® HorseCare Bokashi

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