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#129 The 2nd EM Producer Networking Meeting

#129 The 2nd EM Producer Networking Meeting

The 2nd EM Producer Networking Meeting

As I introduced in DND (Digital New Deal) #129, the 2nd EM Producer Networking Meeting was held at EM Wellness Resort Hotel Costa Vista in Okinawa on March 22, 2018. I wrote about my basic philosophy and so on in it, and here I would like to introduce the contents of the day to more stakeholders so they can refer to it regarding the direction and diffusion strategy EM graviton farming method is taking.

Purpose and Future Direction of the EM Producer Networking Meeting

by Shin Higa (Chairman and President, EM Research Organization)

1.    Purpose

The members who are working in the technology, production, processing, distribution, sale and consumption of EM agricultural products gather in order to:

  1)    Confirm the origins and goals
  2)    Promote interaction centering on information sharing of the latest EM technology,
  3)    Aim at realization of the “Essence of agriculture”

2.    Confirming origins

(1)    Basics of the EM movement 

  1)    Always return to the origin, the books An Earth Saving Revolution, Everything about 
         Love and Microorganisms” = return to the future we should strive towards
  2)    Think and take action, as if you were the prime minister or president, considering
         how best to create a happy country

(2)    EM Group’s Mission

We aim to create a safe, comfortable, low cost, high quality, sustainable, high informational type of society and country utilizing EM (Effective Microorganisms), in order that everyone can have a life with a high level of well being  

(3)    Aim at Achieving the “Essence of agriculture” through EM technology

Think about agriculture from the origin of creation
- The role nature farming plays in the future of mankind-

Agriculture is, in a broad sense, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, in other words primary industry. The essence of agriculture can be said to be the ability to correctly fulfill human desire through various natural laws occurring in the process of materializing the energy present in the environment, 
centered on solar energy. But all of it depends on the application of natural power. The first of those desires is “to be economically affluent through agriculture.” Secondly, the desire to “through agriculture, protect the health of producers and consumers who utilize their products, and provide them various benefits. Furthermore, “we want to enrich ecosystems and actively protect biodiversity, and aim to solve not only food problems of mankind and energy problems, but also fundamentally resolve global warming and environmental problems (cyclically).”

When this becomes a reality, agriculture is the most precious work in the world, the most respected chosen profession. Because of this, “agriculture is the foundation of the nation.”

[Responsibility of Nature Farming]

1st: Produce excellent food that will maintain and promote human health
2nd: Provide Economic and spiritual benefits to both producers and consumers
3rd: Create a system that anyone can implement and that is sustainable. 
4th: Have responsibility for preservation of the environment
5th: Have responsibility for food production as the population increases. 

[The Ultimate Nature Farming]

1st: Soil is a lump of fertilizer. In other words, it is good if you can utilize soil as a lump of
2nd: The more you cultivate it, the more the soil becomes like a skilled worker, and it is
        necessary to establish a technology that will increase sales.
3rd: If you do not hurt the soil, keep it clean, and make the soil exert its power, there will
       be no pests, and through no-tillage, effortless, ideal farming is possible.

< An Earth Saving Revolution>

[What is agricultural method using EM?]

1)    Achieving agriculture using no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers
2)    Measures against weeds without using herbicide
3)    No tillage cultivation
4)    Achieve agriculture that protects the environment
5)    Improvement of quality
6)    Securing economy


3.    The latest EM technology

What is EM graviton agriculture technology?
•    Basic EM (Effective Microorganisms) technology
      = Microbiome Microbiological Flora Management technology,
•    In addition to application of quantum mechanics,
•    We use gravitons, which are the source of all the energy of the universe, linked with the
      gravitons of microorganisms
•    Various atomic transformation and technology are linked.

Realization of entanglement (quantum entanglement), a fundamental part of quantum mechanics, and coherent (quantum beat), enhancement of barrier (energy field) by application of the energy rectifying force of EM, and utilizing the various functions of charcoal and salt.


< Outline of EM graviton agricultural technology >

Click on the slide to see the outline.

4.    Our Objectives

1)    EM Paradise ・A Shangri-la-like village ・The concept of a heavenly village 

A thorough use of agricultural technology that utilizes the latest EM technology including rectification, barrier, charcoal, salt, etc. = EM gravitator (graviton) so that the elderly and their colleagues can live together with the disabled and their families. And we will challenge ourselves to create a self-reliant, heavenly village, where a trouble-free form of agriculture leads to self-sufficient, enjoyable, healthy lives.

It aims at a model of a universal village that can easily solve health problems such as aging and dementia, and issues related to food and social welfare, etc. 

The point is to share and practice EM values with many people, and expand the community filled with “joy, pleasure, happiness, smiles and thanksgiving,”

2)    Establishment of an EM agricultural community

We will establish a community of technology, production, processing, sales and information centered on EM agricultural products. We aim that more people will be engaged in the production of EM agricultural produce, and that more people will practice “EM lifestyle =Fermenting your life” through everyday eating habits.

Based on local production for local consumption, we work together with various communities where values can be shared to strengthen organic solidarity in “food,” “agriculture,” “environment,” and “health,” and we will be the core of the social brand “WE USE EM,” which will be the driving force for changing society.

In the medium term, we will expand our own farm, which is the center of practice and communication, and aim to create place where employees can work long-term and be economically independent by addressing regional disparity between neighboring and depopulated areas, mountainous regions and remote islands, and promoting the sixth industrialization. 

We will establish the EM Agricultural Community Secretariat centered on the EM Research Organization, Inc., EM Seikatsu, Inc., EM Laboratory, Co., Ltd., SUNSHINE FARM, and 
EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa, and will continue to develop a peaceful, open and  flat (non-hierarchical) community throughout the EM group. 

The type of community we are aiming at …. Reference: "All about Love and Microorganisms"

“There is no king in the country of EM. There is neither a prime minister. Elected representatives are unnecessary. The Secretariat just collects membership fees and supports everyone’s volunteer activities. Individuals will respond as necessary, and be able to take responsibility for their own happiness. If someone can not do it alone, they all can cooperate with each other to create a universal village, without any arguments or contention.”

< Efforts of fiscal year 2018 >

•    We collected information on agricultural case studies, made it public on the internet, and built a system that can be shared by producers.

•    We aim to improve the overall level of production by sharing information and encouraging producers’ spontaneous, friendly exchanges.

•    The number of agricultural case studies by the three companies comes to about 180. We ask for your cooperation in providing information. Thank you very much.

<For your reference about agricultural case studies>
Click on [EM Marche]  (Japanese only) 
(May 28, 2018)
Courtesy of Ecopure

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