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EM for Sustainable Society II

Cajica, Colombia
Social Contribution
Large scale, Cyclic, Education/traning, Bokashi, Compost
EM for Sustainable Society II

During Prof. Higa's Visit to Cajica in 2008
During Prof. Higa's Visit to Cajica in 2008

General Information

Cajica is a small town located 39km north from the capital city of Colombia, Bogota.
In 2008, the municipal administration of Cajica, with the support of Fundases, EMRO's partner in Colombia, launched a program to reuse the household waste from the local residents. 

In doing so, the educational sector was involved to organize training sessions and workshops for the community of Cajica, calling for awareness on environmental and health issues. 

This program made a great success. It became a fine model case that still continues until today.

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EM Application

Throughout the years, Fundases has continued to support the city of Cajica by providing EM・1 tanks for the program, and for the workshops to make Activated EM・1 and EM Bokashi.
Workshops to learn how to make Activated EM・1 and EM Bokashi.
Workshops to learn how to make Activated EM・1 and EM Bokashi.

Effects and Results

Today, 50% out of the 70,000 residents of Cajica, participate in this program. 
Moreover, restaurants and the commercial sectors also joined the program. 

It is worth mentioning that during the first semester of this year (2020), 22% of the household waste was reused to be organic fertilizers. For this reason, Cajica continues to be one of the most environment-friendly cities in Colombia. 

This program has resulted in 27% decrease of the total waste that would have been taken to a landfill.

Cajica city is leading the International Congress on Solid Waste, which has already been held twice with the participation of relevant expert speakers on the subject.
For further information, please contact our partner in Colombia:

Carerra 74A No80-57, Bogotá, Colombia
TEL: +57.1.430.4454
FAX: +57.1.430.8997


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