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Rose Farming with EM

Large scale, Low Cost, Compost
Rose Farming with EM
From the beginning of 21st century, rose farming has grown wider and more active in Ethiopia. Roses are now very popular export item, next to coffee beans. They are exported worldwide; not only to European countries, but to Middle Eastern countries and Asian countries as well.
Among many rose farmers, Gallica Flowers PLC started using EM in their farming. First of all, they make high quality organic compost from rose residue with Activated EM・1. By using EM compost, they could cut the use of chemical fertilizer down to 50%. This means saving US$400/ha per month. Gallica Flowers PLC owns 20 ha of farmland, so it can be calculated that they saved US$8,000 per month. They also added Activated EM・1 to irrigation system to water the roses. Ever since they started EM application, the roses grow 1-2 weeks faster than before. Not only they can grow in short terms, but roses also bloom in bigger sizes, thus the sale price became higher.

After confirming these effects, they decided to incorporate EM to cope with Agrobacterium that has been a huge pain in the neck for farmers. First, they sprayed Activated EM・1 onto the soil, and the number of root knots decreased drastically. However, they could not get rid of all the knots completely, so they applied Activated EM・1 to the knots directly, giving them a coat of Activated EM・1. The effect was clear. The root knots were completely gone.

They were pleasantly surprised by the effect of EM and started new challenge with EM, which is making compost from night soil. By fermenting the night soil with EM, they could produce great compost without foul odor. So they invested a new “fermentation room” where they can make compost up to 6t.

Because of these great results, more farmers in Ethiopia started applying EM in their rose farming. Some of these Ethiopian EM roses even decorated the wedding ceremony of Swedish Prince in 2015, and helped enhance the gorgeousness and beauty.
The rose farmers in Ethiopia are looking at a bright future with EM.

(Updated in 2015)


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