Case Studies

  • Outstanding Cost Reduction in Waste Water Treatment

    Outstanding Cost Reduction in Waste Water Treatment


    A sugar processing plant in Belize has successfully introduced EM Technology in their waste water treatment ponds.
    They not only controlled water quality parameters but also reduced management cost in 50%. more

  • Self Sustainable Zoo

    Self Sustainable Zoo


    Curacao Zoo is known for being an eco-friendly zoo where visitors can learn and experience about animals and nature. They are using EM Technology and achieved a sustainable zoo and healthier animals. more

  • Aromatic EM Coffee

    Aromatic EM Coffee

    Costa Rica

    Coffee EM grown in the middle of abundant nature in Costa Rica are organic certified by USDA and JAS.
    They successfully created a cyclic system by applying EM Technology for irrigation and making compost. more

  • Green Sustainable Farm

    Green Sustainable Farm


    Thuy Thien Nhu Farm in Vietnam is a cyclic sustainable farm applying EM Technology for growing pigs, chicken, vegetables and fruits.
    Pigs and chicken are grown with selected EM fermented feed and manure is completely reused to make compost for vegetables and fruits cultivation.
    Their products are highly trusted by Vietnamese consumers and were awarded with the "2017 Trust and Use Award". more

  • Sustainable Dairy Farm

    Sustainable Dairy Farm


    This farm located in Huaral Province, Peru, has successfully created a perfect cyclic and sustainable system in dairy cow farming while growing corn and cotton for silage. See how! more

  • Fighting Nematode in Tomato Farming

    Fighting Nematode in Tomato Farming


    Nematode,Fusarium and Phytophthora are disease becoming resistant year by year against nematocides and chemical products.See how this tomato farm found the solution. more

  • Odor and flies vanish from the landfill

    Odor and flies vanish from the landfill

    Costa Rica

    EM helps treat the residential waste in Aserri district in Costa Rica.
    They apply EM treatment in the landfill as well as the waste water treatment facility. more

  • Recycling Waste for the Community Wellbeing

    Recycling Waste for the Community Wellbeing


    The Recycle Center of Pobsook in Thailand was established to recycle household waste and convert it into organic fertilizer. The center also offers lectures to promote the importance of waste classification for residents, school students, public officials and people from Thailand and even overseas. more

  • Sufficiency Economy Project

    Sufficiency Economy Project


    After a severe economic crisis in Thailand, King Phumiphon proposed the philosophy of“Sufficiency Economy".
    This means that all individuals have enough to be independent and produce their own products for self consume.
    The Royal Thai Army introduced EM as a tool to promote nature farming within rural areas to accomplish the self sufficiency program. more

  • Supporting an Orphan Home Through Fresh Produces

    Supporting an Orphan Home Through Fresh Produces


    EM Technologies in Kenya manages a model farm where they grow EM vegetables and fruits.
    Since 2016, EM Technologies donates EM vegetables and EM fruits grown on their farm to an AIDS orphan home.
    Currently, 30 children who lost their parents with HIV are living in this Center. more

  • Aiming for an ecologically minded town

    Aiming for an ecologically minded town


    In Funao Town, the town government and the residents cooperate to make their lives more sustainable. Kitchen waste is collected from each household and is made into high quality fertilizer using EM Bokashi. more

  • 100% Natural and Sustainable Farm

    100% Natural and Sustainable Farm


    EM Sunshine Farm was naturally, an abandoned land full of concrete debris and garbage that spoiled the soil.
    In 2011 EMRO has started managing this waste land to convert it into a totally no chemical use natural farm with the application of EM Technology.
    Kitchen waste from the EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & Spa is collected to make EM compost and EM feed to be used at the farm.
    Meanwhile, harvest from the EM Sunshine Farm is delivered to the Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel restaurant.