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EM philosophy in Soybean Stubble

Soybean Farm, Uruguay
Large scale, Low Cost
EM philosophy in Soybean Stubble

EM Application at Soybean Farm

This is a soybean farm applying EM. The application into soybean stubble is as follows:
5-10L of AEM/ha (could be applied in combination with the herbicide glyphosate)
EM Application in seed inoculation:
Replace the inoculation water with AEM (3L/1000kg of seeds)
EM Foliar Application:
During pre-flowering, flowering and grain filling 5-10L of AEM/ha
EM5 Application:
AEM+alcohol+vinegar+molasses+aromatic herbs (2-5L/ha)
Cost per Ha applying EM
EM Application Doses EM (L)  Cost of AEM
Seed inoculation 0.25 0.48
Application in stubble 10 19.05
Reduction of herbicide 4 -
2 foliar applications 10 19.05
Total   38.57


Effects of Applying EM

Improve the biological capacity of the soil while suppressing the pathogens
(Increase the beneficial microflora: Actinomycete, Enterobacter spp, Trichoderma spp, Penicillum spp. Suppress Pythium, Phytophthora, Verticillium, Thielaviopsis spp, Fusarium spp & nematodes)
Effective in fixing the N during using fertilizer
Inoculation: improve the early nodulation, increase the weight and number of nodules
Promote the germination of seeds
Protect seeds against pathogens (eg. Macrophomina, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotium, etc.)
Foliar application: protect against disease and increase the metabolic activity (photosynthesis
and metabolism of N). Increase content of proteins and oil.
Reduce the use of herbicide doses in 30% (replace by EM in 30%)

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