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EM Bokashi Boosts Nutritional Feed

Lucerne, Switzerland
Animal Husbandry
Low Cost, Bokashi
EM Bokashi Boosts Nutritional Feed

Business Overview

Mr. Roland Fuchs is a long-experienced farmer who started using EM Technology more than 20 years ago.

Located in Lucerne, Switzerland, his farm started raising dairy cattle and using EM Technology for making silage.

Mr. Fuchs's milk was popular for its taste and high-quality production.

After expanding his business into other fields through the years, today, he manages a layer poultry farm and breeds horses for competition.

The poultry farm has approximately 11,000 hens while horse breeding has about 50 horses.

EM Application and Farming Methods

Layer Poultry Farming

Mr. Fuchs uses an automatic system that feeds the chicken layers with a mixture of grain feed mixed with 1-2% of EM Bokashi.

The chickens lay in a big room with enough space to go around. There is an automatic collection belt conveyor that collects the eggs. 

After laying chickens go freely anywhere to other rooms or jump out to the fields, helping them to spend a stress-free life.

Chickens are changed every year to ensure eggs quality.

The production reach 10,000 eggs per day and they are sold in markets, supermarkets and also at the farm.

Horse Breeding

Horses are also feed with a mixture of wheat, bran, grains and EM Bokashi.

This special feed supports growing young horses because they are separated from their mothers and do not have milk anymore. So, the feed with EM Bokashi changes the microorganism in their stomachs and makes them healthier.

Horses are feed 3 times a day because their stomach are continually producing acid that cause the biggest colic problems.

Mr. Fuchs is one of the leading farmers in Switzerland for young horses for jump competition.

Production of Activated EM・1

Mr. Fuchs is a big fan of EM and produces Activated EM・1 (AEM) to supply other farmers of the area.

He has a small factory with a heating system to keep the temperature in about 40 degrees, so AEM can be produced even during winter. 

About 20 tons of AEM are produced per year. 
Mr. Fuchs making his special feed with EM Bokashi
Mr. Fuchs making his special feed with EM Bokashi
Adding grains and wheat
Adding grains and wheat
After mixing the feed is ready
After mixing the feed is ready

Effects and Results

-    Chickens are healthier and provide with a stable production of 10,000 eggs per day.
-    Chickens are full of feathers even after 1 year of laying.
-    Mr. Fuchs’ eggs are popular because of the taste and consistence of the egg yolk.
-    Horses have less colic which is the biggest problems in horses.
-    Mr. Fuchs’ horses are famous for wining many relevant jump competitions.

For further information, please contact our partner in Switzerland:

EM Schweiz AG
Arnisägestrasse 43, CH-3508 Arni, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)31-701-1212

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