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Saving Cost and Improving Water Quality

Mong Cai, Vietnam
Cyclic, Low Cost
Saving Cost and Improving Water Quality

Business Management

The shrimp farm of Mr. Thuy is located in Móng Cái city, northern part of Vietnam.
His farm covers approximately 6ha where there are 18 ponds of 1600m2 each.
Currently, 6 ponds are using for production.

They grow Vannamei shrimp which are cultivated in a density of 150-200 shrimp/m2. Normally cultured for nearly 4 months harvest.
Harvest held 3 times a year starting with nursery on March and stop farming during winter season, January to March, due to the low water temperature.
They harvest approximately 5 to 8 tons per ponds and the top season is from October to January.
Harvesting is being held by picking the size of shrimp.
Nursery pond
Nursery pond
Cultivation pond
Cultivation pond
Cultivation pond
Cultivation pond

EM Application and Facility Details

Activated EM・1 is added to the water treatment pond where water drained from the cultivation is collected.

They also use other microbial materials in the water storage pond where seawater is treated before going into the cultivation ponds.

The facility is fully equipped with concrete ponds totally covered with plastic canvas bottom and steel truss and black mesh over the ponds to prevent the attack from birds.

They also have a sludge treatment equipment to withdraw sludge from ponds and a water circulation system. Water quality is carefully checked to prevent the infection of virus and disease measuring pH, alkalinity, salinity, number of Vibrio, etc.
Cultivation ponds totally protected with steel truss and black mesh
Cultivation ponds totally protected with steel truss and black mesh
Healthy shrimp
Healthy shrimp
Aeration tubes
Aeration tubes

Comments from the Farm Owner

Mr. Thuy explaines that microorganisms in EM・1 are good and disease rate is very low.
He also thinks that using EM・1 he can save money because the price is cheaper than some other microbes in the market.
Furthermore, he wants keep using EM・1 and study more on EM Technology to increase the efficiency and sustainability of shrimp business.
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