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Green Sustainable Farm

Hanoi, Vietnam
Animal Husbandry
Cyclic, Low Cost, Bokashi, Compost
Green Sustainable Farm


Ms. Lien, owner of Thuy Thien Nhu Farm
Ms. Lien, owner of Thuy Thien Nhu Farm
Vietnamese consumers are gradually change their shopping habits regarding foods, and today pay more attention to food quality and health than before.
They are looking for more natural and organic products these days. 

Located in the suburbs of Hanoi, Vietnam, Thuy Thien Nhu Farm has introduced EM Technology in 2014 to create a sustainable and cyclic farm while being human and ecofriendly. 

- Farm Overview -
Farm Scale: approximately 1ha
Products: chicken broiler, pig, vegetables and fruits 


EM Technology is applied throughout the farm:

- Pig Farming
They use natural wood chip mixed with EM Bokashi and apply AEM (Activated EM・1) to overall the pig house.
Pigs feel relax and warm even in winter or during low temperatures seasons due to the high temperature reached by the fermentation.   
Pigs lay down on the warm bedding everytime the staff mix the woodchips.
Bedding woodchips are dry and in good condition so pigs can remove away the dust from their skin and prevent from skin disease or parasites. 

Further, every pig house have sprayers that apply AEM over all the building.   

Vaccine are used only at the first stage of baby pigs since recently, there are serious diseases that cause chronic diarrhea. 
After the first vaccine, they do not use any antibiotics during the animals' life.

- Broiler Chicken
They feed their broiler chicken with mix of grain fermented with AEM.
The chicken house floor is also covered with rice husk mix with EM Bokashi and they remove the fermented manure to reuse as compost for growing vegetables and fruits.
AEM is also mixed with drinking water and as pig houses, they have sprayers for pulverizing AEM throughout the building. 

- Vegetables and Fruits
EM fermented manure from pig and chickens are reused to growing vegetables and fruits. 
They are growing vegetables and fruits in companion plant way, along with aromatic herbs preventing them from harmful insects.
Healthy and happy pigs
Healthy and happy pigs
Broiler chicken grow with EM fermented feed
Broiler chicken grow with EM fermented feed
Tomatoes grown with EM compost
Tomatoes grown with EM compost


Thuy Thien Nhu Farm is not only environmental friendly but also friendly for animals and staff since there is no bad odors, nor flies.

Moreover, their products are sale under the brand name of "ORFARM" and are granted with the EM Certificate "Certified Green".
Certified Green means that their products are grown applying EM Technology under guidance and inspection of our representative in Vietnam, Vina-Nichi Center, and EM Research Organization (EMRO).
ORFARM brand of Thuy Thien Nhu Joint Stock company won the Top list of the “2017 Trust and Use Award” voted by consumers in Vietnam.
See the news by clicling at "ORFARM won "2017 Trust and Use Award”

For further information please contact our partner in Vietnam at:

Vina-Nichi Center for Technology Development
P105 C3-Trung Tu-Dong Da-Hanoi, Vietnam
Fax: +84-4-3852-4179
E-mail: /
(Updated on March, 2018)


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