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EM1 Boosts Chili-pepper Yield

New Mexico, United States of America
United States of America
Large scale, Bokashi
EM1 Boosts Chili-pepper Yield

Large conventional chili pepper farms testing EM•1® as part of their fertilizer program

A fertilizer company in New Mexico decided to incorporate EM・1 in their fertilizer program. New Mexico is known for chili peppers. Most of the farms in the area use flood irrigation, however, a farmer that switched from flood irrigation to drip irrigation saw that the crop yields increased from 12 tons per acre to 18.
After they started applying Activated EM・1® and included a conventional nutrient program using high acid fertilizers, crop yield for the first picking was over 25 tons. Numbers are not in yet for the entire crop. There were three other similar-sized farms in the area that had similar results.

Use of EM Can Maximize Crops’ Potential

Even through some seasons with tough weather for Chili Peppers, the crop still came in and looked great. In another farm that also started applying Activated EM•1®, as the season went on, there was some vigorous growth with the plants sending out multiple laterals and very large leaves.  The color and the condition of the leaves were perfect.
They added a nutrient solution and Activated EM•1® into the irrigation. AEM was also mixed in the weekly foliar spray. October is the end of harvesting season, but some fields in their farm still had a third picking, which is not usual. One of them was picked for 7 days straight in the second picking.  The harvest went on until frost.  The farmers are very happy with the results.

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