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Disaster treatment for the damages from torrential rain

Kumamoto, Japan
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Disaster treatment
Disaster treatment for the damages from torrential rain


On 4th July 2020, southern part of Kyushu, Japan, was hit by an enormous rain disaster that it had never experienced before.

Especially, the heavy rain caused horrible overflow of Kuma river in Kumamoto prefecture.
More than 8,000 houses in residential areas around Kuma river were inundated. In some of these areas, the flood even reached the second floor of the houses.

As a consequence, soil and sand containg sewage sludge flowed from the river into the surrounding land and billdings, causing problems of sanitary and malodor. In most of the residential areas, the first floor of the houses was flooded, but many residents had to continue living on the second floors after the flood. 

In doing so, they were exposed to high health risks due to the malodor and infection. Therefore, it was necessary to spray EM in these residential areas as soon as possible.
EM Group decided to provide EM・1 and other materials to produce Activated EM・1 (AEM) as well as sprayers. EMRO also dispathced two technical officers to the affected area in order to work with the volunteers to solve the problems. 
The devastated area
The devastated area

EM Application

100 liters of dilluted AEM was sprayed per 100㎡ for places like walls, pillars and floors, also for sludge and soil. To treat the moldy walls and pillars, you need to wash the mold off and dry them completely. If it is still wet after spraying EM, it will get moldy again.

AEM dillution ratio :  1:10
Engine power sprayers : Maximum pressure:  Closed: 3.8 MPa (38 kgf/sq cm)
             Maximum water absorption: 25 liters per minute 
Sprayer nozzle : Agricultural variable rate sprayer nozzle
Spray hose :      Agricultural spray hose 50m

Effects and Results

Total 25,000 liters of dilluted AEM was sprayed to more than 190 houses during two-month period. After spraying the dilluted AEM, bad odor was immediately eliminated.

Many residents made comments,  "Bad odor disappeared immediately."  "The air became refreshing."  EM can not only eliminate bad odor but also refresh the air by spraying AEM of 10-fold dilution.

Green, balck and white colors of mold often appeared especially on the walls and pillars. Washing with EM and drying well will clean up the mold. The process of drying is very important to prevent the recurrence of mold.
Moldy ceiling
Moldy ceiling
6 days after washing with EM
6 days after washing with EM

(Updated in November, 2020)


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