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No Antibiotics for the Chicken or Eggs

Animal Husbandry
No Antibiotics for the Chicken or Eggs
“We were saved by EM”, says Mr. Miyagi who operates a poultry farm at Nanjo city in Okinawa. The first few years, he used antibiotic for the chicken’s health management. However, it resulted in the enlargement of the chickens internal organs. He experienced the limitation of antibiotic and start using EM. A better environment with the help of microorganisms made the chickens healthier!
Now the chickens are floor reared in a stress free environment, free of all chemical additives. They drink natural spring water from a mountain behind the farm and eat corn, powdered Japanese mugwort (yomogi) and seaweed mixed with EM Bokashi.
Eggs are rich in nutrients and mayonnaise using these delicious eggs is becoming popular. Normally, hens that have stopped laying eggs won’t be good for meat. However, Miyagi farm’s hens’ meat quality is very good, especially when used in soup and sold at restaurants in Naha city, the capital city of Okinawa.
(Updated in 2015)

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