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Starting farming with a new weapon called EM

Starting farming with a new weapon called EM


Mr. Satoru Suzuki of Mikawa Manpuku Farm in Japan, runs organic farming that is close to nature, including microorganisms.

・Encounter with EM

Mr. Suzuki's first interest in agriculture arose when he was in his senior year at university.
He found a job offer from EM SEIKATSU Inc. at a job center at the university and checked out their website.
There, he found that the company was promoting low cost and high-quality farming. So, he decided to experience farming here and took the job exam.
When he joined EM Seikatsu, he was put in charge of sales in the Tohoku region, but he knew nothing about EM because he thought it was a company that promoted agriculture.
His boss at the time told him "If you don't know something, ask the customer.", so he visited customers without knowing anything.
He was very fortunate to have many customers who treated him like their sons and grandsons and taught him many things. 
He still remembers how surprised he was at the taste of all the produces they gave him, telling him that “this produce is grown with EM”.

・The great east Japan earthquake as a trigger to start farming

On March 10th 2011, Mr. Suzuki was on a job trip to Fukushima prefecture with his boss.
They came back to their office in Nagoya on that day, and Mr. Suzuki heard the news about the huge earthquake the day after.
He saw that the road he passed the day before has been destroyed by the Tsunami.
He could not stop his whole body from shaking while thinking about what would have happened if their schedule was a day later.
After the earthquake, he participated in the reconstruction support activities of the EM Group and was often encouraged by the power of the people of Tohoku.
Every time he visited the disaster area, he was reminded that he must live his life with no regrets.
It was also during this period that he began to seriously consider becoming a farmer.

・Changing career from a salesman of EM products to an organic farmer at age of 30

In March 2016, after resigning from EM SEIKATSU, he started organic farming in Okazaki city, Aichi prefecture.
Since he had studied EM, he decided to do organic farming close to nature, including microorganisms.

At first, he thought that using EM always made fine vegetables always, but in truth, it was not that simple.
He made a lot of mistakes and there were many vegetables that could not be sold.
However, as he continued to use EM, he gradually learned about changes in soil over time, how to use EM effectively, and how to grow well.

EM Application

Mikawa Manpuku Farm uses EM・1, Phototrophic Bacteria, and EM Super Cera Ferment C as EM materials.
They also use EM fermented chicken manure purchased from local poultry farmers.
As for how to use EM, it is sprayed together with the base fertilizer, or the diluted solution is sprayed on the leaves during irrigation.
Fermented C is sprinkled when sowing seeds.
In addition, they use green manure to prepare the soil, and Mr. Suzuki feels that spraying EM brings out the power of green manure.

Effect and result

Now, they grow vegetables in a field of about 40a.
They have acquired organic JAS certification together with local organic farmers and sell mainly to local supermarkets and stores.
The article is courtesy of EM SEIKATSU.


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