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Aromatic EM Coffee

Santa Lucia, Costa Rica
Costa Rica
Cyclic, Compost
Aromatic EM Coffee


Santa Lucia farm is located 20km Northeast far from the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose.
Coffee is grown in the west valley surrounded by abundant nature and in upland area that  make their coffee beans even more aromatic. 
Coffee quality was certified repitedly by the "Alliance for Coffee of Excellence" and "Cup of Excellence" for several years.

Business Overview
Scale: 100ha
Location: Llano Bonito de Naranjo
Altitude: 1700-1800m
Production: 300 bags/year


Because the temperature of the region is mild all year round, coffee fruits are left on the tree longer until maturation.  

They use EM to ferment harvest residue such as leaf, fruits and stems to make compost and return them to the soil as fertilizer.

EM is also applied for irrigation and foliar spraying, preventing plants from pests and insects.


- They could manage a cyclic system farming thanks to EM application.

- Using EM for irrigation and foliar spraying prevent plants from pests and insects.

- Using EM increases sugar content and aroma in fruits.
Mature coffee fruits
Mature coffee fruits
Natural drying of coffee beans
Natural drying of coffee beans
Mr. Ricardo Perez Barrantes, the owner
Mr. Ricardo Perez Barrantes, the owner
(Updated on May, 2018)


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