Case Studies

  • Shrimp White Spot Disease Controlled

    Shrimp White Spot Disease Controlled


    EM started as a measure against serious disease outbreak called White Spot Disease in Ecuador in 1999. Damages devastated approximately 50% of total shrimp production. EM farmers have totally controlled the relevant disease. more

  • EM-Grown Bananas Debut

    EM-Grown Bananas Debut


    `There is no waste at the farm.` According to Tanabe Farm, the production of bananas is cyclic. For soil conditioning, EM Bokashi is used. The compost is used for growing bananas. No chemical fertilizer and pesticide is used, while applying Activated EM・1. Moreover, the bananas are wrapped in bags to keep insects away. As if they were raring child, Tanabe Farm grows their bananas. Furthermore, the bananas are available in Japan.