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Flood relief supply for cleaning

Meckenheim, Germany
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Flood relief supply for cleaning

Flood Disaster in Germany

In July, 2021, record rainfall hit Western Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands and caused deadly flood in the area on July 14th -15th. Germany was the hardest-hit country.  Towns were inundated by water, houses were destroyed, roads were swept away, and many precious lives were sadly lost.


Immediate Action

Right after EMIKO, EMRO's partner in Germany, knew the level of danger from the flood, they started manufacturing "EM Cleaner" Concentrate.

At the same time, they contacted OBI, a home improvement supply company, to ask for cooperation. OBI willingly agreed and immediately sent pressure sprayers to Meckenheim, one of the most devastated areas.



As the water receded, the clean-up and restoration work began in the affected areas. EMIKO prepared 15,000L of EM Cleaner Concentrate and provided it for free to those who were affected by the floods. It was prepared in IBC tanks to be distributed to those in need. 2,300 presure sprayers sent by OBI were filled with EM after 5 days from the disaster. 

EMRO Germany also provided 2,750L of EM・1, the ingredient of EM Cleaner Concentrate, for free.
They took action in a timely manner so that the damages will not increase. 

EM Application

EM is effective in reducing bad odors and preventing mold in the damaged houses, buildings, etc. EM Cleaner Concentrate (10 fold dilution / about 1L of EM into 10L water ) was sprayed on the surface of affected places. 

Cleaning the surface with EM will reduce the damages caused by the flood.

Effects and Results

By using EM to clean the damaged areas, the consequences of the flood were reduced in many places. As a biological cleaning agent, EM ensures that odors are eliminated and the formation of mold is prevented. 

Most of the people in devastated area did not know about EM at all, however, came to receive EM very quickly. Some of them told that the stink was gone after a few hours or the next day.

The recovery is still ongoing.

For further information, please contact;

EMIKO Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Mühlgrabenstraße 13, D-53340 Meckenheim, Germany
TEL: +49(0)2225/95595-0
FAX: +49(0)2225/95595-20

(Updated in August, 2021)


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