Case Studies

  • Fighting Nematode in Tomato Farming

    Fighting Nematode in Tomato Farming


    Nematode,Fusarium and Phytophthora are disease becoming resistant year by year against nematocides and chemical products.See how this tomato farm found the solution. more

  • Training Center for Better Life

    Training Center for Better Life


    Saraburi Kyusei Nature Farming Training Center in Thailand organizes training programs to extend Nature Farming and EM Technology.
    They also offers workshops to support national project in promoting healthy farming.
    It also has a training and demonstration model farm exclusively for Nature Farming using EM Technology. more

  • Supporting an Orphan Home Through Fresh Produces

    Supporting an Orphan Home Through Fresh Produces


    EM Technologies in Kenya manages a model farm where they grow EM vegetables and fruits.
    Since 2016, EM Technologies donates EM vegetables and EM fruits grown on their farm to an AIDS orphan home.
    Currently, 30 children who lost their parents with HIV are living in this Center. more

  • Aiming for an ecologically minded town

    Aiming for an ecologically minded town


    In Funao Town, the town government and the residents cooperate to make their lives more sustainable. Kitchen waste is collected from each household and is made into high quality fertilizer using EM Bokashi. more

  • 4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM

    4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM


    One of the hospitals referred to Low cost, eco-friendly, deodorant, and catalyst for healthy environment in- and out of the hospitals as the reasons why they keep using EM. This is a good example of EM life where you use EM abundantly everywhere from toilets to rooms and gardens. Through water path and drainage, sewage is treated by EM. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. more

  • House of Hope, NPO group with the help of people with disabilities, recycling organic wastes

    House of Hope, NPO group with the help of people with disabilities, recycling organic wastes


    Nozomi no Sato (House of Hope in Japanese) is a NPO group which uses EM Technology to recycle organic wastes. It is also a home for disabled people who learn social and work skills through contributing to the recycle programs. Let's hear the story from House of Hope. more

  • EM-Grown Bananas

    EM-Grown Bananas


    `There is no waste at the farm.` According to Tanabe Farm, the production of bananas is cyclic. For soil conditioning, EM Bokashi is used. The compost is used for growing bananas. No chemical fertilizer and pesticide is used, while applying Activated EM・1. Moreover, the bananas are wrapped in bags to keep insects away. As if they were raring child, Tanabe Farm grows their bananas. Furthermore, the bananas are available in Japan.

  • EM for Sustainable Society

    EM for Sustainable Society


    There is a city called Cajica in Colombia where environmental problems became serious which they believe stem from precarious community-management of household wastes. The city’s catholic organization called FUNDASES decided to improve the situation with 55000 residents in the city. Through their educational programs and training, children and adults learned how to make wastes compost with EM Technology for soil conditioning.

  • Students Give Back to the Community with EM

    Students Give Back to the Community with EM

    New Zealand

    Students at University of Canterbury, New Zealand decided to recycle the food waste for compost in 2010. The recycling process was set up from putting the food wastes into wheelie bins to fermenting the mixture of the wastes and EM Bokashi to using for soil treatment.

  • Compost Tea Grows Olive

    Compost Tea Grows Olive


    Driving to the west… far away from Madrid Spain, Mr. Julio’s olive farm spurs the travelers to have an afternoon break. The farm owner grows 2000-3000 olive trees surrounded by a unique array of herbs such as rosemary and lavender. This partially contributes to the quality and taste of his olive oil ‘Ecolibor’. Another factor, which is very unique in farming, is spraying EM-treated compost tea on olive trees. more

  • EM Coated Farm

    EM Coated Farm


    ''Popular Pigs Grown in EM-Treated Environment''

    Mr. Thang’s farm has been featured on TV for its growing quality pigs and chickens. The secret is that EM Technology is used throughout the farming process such as EM-embedded feed and –treated feed. This not only improved the quality but cost, too. Today Mr. Thang has applied the same EM Technology in growing vegetables. more

  • My Life is Organic Farming

    My Life is Organic Farming


    A man called Mr. Oga had a dream of promoting organic farming in Thailand. He started using EM since 1999, and today he has been training many farmers to start organic farming in Thailand. His base is Harmony Life Organic Farm. more