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My Life is Organic Farming

Organic Farm, Thailand
Certified Organic, Cyclic, Compost
My Life is Organic Farming

EM-Treated Organic Vegetables

Harmony Life Organic Farm does not use water from rivers or canals because of the large loading of chemical pollutants from household and industrial waste. Harmony Life uses natural water from 150m-deep underground water that is originated in the mountains so it is free from contaminants and safe for irrigation. This water from deep underground, which originates in the nearby Kao Yai mountain region, is considered very clear and clean; thus, it can be used as drinking water.
Harmony life uses this water for farming, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs and for factory use.
Further, Activated EM・1 is injected directly into the water that is deposited in a pond (approximately 200L/week).
Harmony Life Organic Farm uses compost such as organic liquid fertilizer that is made from fermentation process of fish meat.
Cattle and chicken are raised by using EM and in a natural environment. So, their manures are also used for making organic compost. Food for cattle and poultry at the farms contains no chemicals or antibiotics, and their compost, mixed with EM, are free of chemicals.

Mr. Oga is very satisfied using EM in growing a variety of fruits, leafy vegetables and also mushrooms that have grown healthy and tasty. Thanks to the use of EM, Harmony Life harvests lime, dragon fruit, guava, corn, carrots, lettuce (6types), and tomatoes all the year round.
Mr. Oga also grows chicken and pigs as well and said that they are happy because neither harmful insects nor stench are affecting them.

Continuation of EM Use in Organic Farming

Now, Harmony Life is accredited by IFOAM, USDA and many other well-known organic certifications.
Harmony Life has developed more than 100 different processed products which are exported to a wide range of overseas countries such as USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and others Asian countries. Mr. Oga also manages an organic shop in Bangkok called SUSTAINA where offers organic products from the farm as well as a restaurant.

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