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Leaf Vegetables Immune To Disease

Hydroponic Farm, Brazil
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Leaf Vegetables Immune To Disease

Use of EM and the Hydroponic Method for Vegetables

EM is applied to grow vegetables such as lettuce by hydroponic method.
First of all, the hydroponic system is disinfected before undertaking the first EM application
They do not use fungicide at all neither Clorox(?) in the nutritive solution. It is important to make a good Activated EM-1.

EM Application

On very cold and dark sites, it is necessary to add organic matter (to what?). So, activate EM-1 adding 5g/L of fishmeal
For leaf vegetables:
(lettuce, coriander, etc.)
Apply 1L of AEM/2000 L of nutrient solution/week
For vegetables:
(cucumber, tomato, etc.)
Apply 1 L of AEM/1000 L of nutrient solution/week
To control disease:
Spray diluted EM-5 in 2% every 15 days
Healthier with EM
Healthier with EM
Less healthier without EM
Less healthier without EM

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