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Clear Pond in a Legendary Castle

Canton of Bern, Switzerland
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Clear Pond in a Legendary Castle

Business Overview

The Castle of Schlosswyl is located in the canton of Bern, Switzerland and was built in the 12th century. 
In 1546 this castle was destroyed during a fire and thereafter it was rebuilt as a larger castle. 
The current appearance comes from a renovation in 1780 that gave the castle a Baroque exterior.
Today, it is open for the local people to go for walks around the garden.
The castle also offers its facilities for weddings and events.

EM Application

The Castle of Schlosswyl has an artificial pond that caused headaches to the owner due to the accumulation of algae and so that, production of bad odors.

The water pond was turbid caused by amounts of suspended algae that spoiled the beautiful garden and scenery around. It has hardly seen the fish at 10 centimeters depth. 

They discovered EM Technology and started applying *EM Pond and AEM (Activated EM・1), 6 years ago (as of 2020) continuously up to today.

They clean up the pond every year in Spring and drain the water. Once the pond is empty, they remove the organic matter and treat the pond's ground with AEM combined with EM Pond.

Approximately 200L of the EM solution (AEM + EM Pond) is applied while the pond is empty and they leave it for some days to let the microorganisms act on the ground (ground is made of natural clay, soil, etc).

Afterwards, the pond is refilled and another 50L/week of the EM solution (AEM + EM Pond) is added for 4-6 weeks.

They just clean up the pond once a year and leave it without any other additional application during the year.

EM prevents the organic matter decay and accelerates its decomposition process. 

Effects and Results

- Before using EM Pond, the pond was overload with algae what caused bad odors but, after using EM Pond, the bad odors dissappered thank to the accelerated decomposition of algae. 
- Using EM Pond the water was clean and clear fitting the picturesque scenery. 
- The oxygen content in the water stabilized.
- Weddings and important events held at the castle without being worry about bad odors.

*EM Pond is an EM product for water treatment available in Europe


For further information, please contact our partner in Switzerland:

EM Schweiz AG
Arnisägestrasse 43, CH-3508 Arni, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)31-701-1212


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