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EM Happy Animals


Sign board of "EM-Vita", EM  secondary product at the zoo
Sign board of "EM-Vita", EM secondary product at the zoo
The NGO Museum of Wildlife - Zoo Sadgorod is a scientific and cultural-educational institution, which keeps animals of local fauna and exotic animals from different parts of the world in Vladivostok, Russia.

- Zoo Overview -
Scale: 2ha
Number of animals: 274 (approximately 49 variety of animals at 2018)
Highlight: 10 species are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and 5 species are listed in the Red Book of Primorsky Region


Fox specie facing extinction
Fox specie facing extinction
Since June 2014, the zoo management decided to use the EM product for animals, EM-Vita, as a trial.
The immediate challenge was to eliminate persistent odors in fox cages. 
To treat this problem, EM-Vita was added daily to animals’ water and sprayed in animals cages.
After 15 days the objective was successfully achieved and they decided to apply EM-Vita periodically.

They clean and wash twice a week cages using diluted Activated EM・1 (AEM) and then, stop the use of disinfectants.
During warm season, they spray AEM three times a week onto ceilings, partitions, internal and external walls of animal holding areas. In winter such operation is carried out only in warm rooms. 

Since EM products have a pH below 3.3, pH on the treated surfaces reduced to 4.5; as almost all viruses become inactive at pH below 4.5, they apply AEM as a safe and effective alternative to chemicals.

EM-Vita is also added to drinking water for animals and birds. 


After using EM products during one year, they see the following results:

1. Animals and birds improved digestion and immunity system. Particularly, good results were seen in rabbits.

2. Animals ceased to suffer from being upset with gastrointestinal tract during the autumn and spring, when the transition from juicy forages to dry ones and vice versa occurred.

3. Unpleasant smells in the territory of the zoo disappeared. This was not only appreciated by visitors and staff, but also by residents living nearby.

4. The number of flies, bedbugs and other harmful insects decreased significantly.

5. The number of animals stress factors decreased.

6. Use of medicines, antibiotics and disinfectants decreased.

7. Animal excrement became less fetid and easier to compost.

EM-Vita is an EM secondary product available in Russia only
For further information please contact our partner in Russia at:

OOO “Primorskiy EM-Center”
Mordovtseva Str, 8D, Vladivostok 690091 Russia
Tel: 8-800-333-65-95 (free call)
Fax: +7-4232-205-864
(Updated on April, 2018)


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