Case Studies

  • Recycling Waste for the Community Wellbeing

    Recycling Waste for the Community Wellbeing


    The Recycle Center of Pobsook in Thailand was established to recycle household waste and convert it into organic fertilizer. The center also offers lectures to promote the importance of waste classification for residents, school students, public officials and people from Thailand and even overseas. more

  • Training Center for Better Life

    Training Center for Better Life


    Saraburi Kyusei Nature Farming Training Center in Thailand organizes training programs to extend Nature Farming and EM Technology.
    They also offers workshops to support national project in promoting healthy farming.
    It also has a training and demonstration model farm exclusively for Nature Farming using EM Technology. more

  • Sufficiency Economy Project

    Sufficiency Economy Project


    After a severe economic crisis in Thailand, King Phumiphon proposed the philosophy of“Sufficiency Economy".
    This means that all individuals have enough to be independent and produce their own products for self consume.
    The Royal Thai Army introduced EM as a tool to promote nature farming within rural areas to accomplish the self sufficiency program. more

  • EM to Fight the Worst Flood in Thailand History

    EM to Fight the Worst Flood in Thailand History


    The worst flooding in Thailand occurred in July 2011. 446 deaths and approximately 2.3 million were badly affected by the flood.
    ​The Prime Minister appointed Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Defense, and Royal Thai Army Forces as central organizations to solve sewage and sanitary problems. They applied EM Technology to launch a recovery project and resulted in good results. more

  • 4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM

    4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM


    One of the hospitals referred to Low cost, eco-friendly, deodorant, and catalyst for healthy environment in- and out of the hospitals as the reasons why they keep using EM. This is a good example of EM life where you use EM abundantly everywhere from toilets to rooms and gardens. Through water path and drainage, sewage is treated by EM. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. more

  • My Life is Organic Farming

    My Life is Organic Farming


    A man called Mr. Oga had a dream of promoting organic farming in Thailand. He started using EM since 1999, and today he has been training many farmers to start organic farming in Thailand. His base is Harmony Life Organic Farm. more