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Clean and clear water around the housing complex

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Water Treatment
Clean and clear water around the housing complex


Jumeirah Islands is a large-scale housing development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

They consist of 50 small islands (46 of which are the residential clusters), a restaurant, a supermarket, a Club House, a gym, beauty salons, pharmacy and a leisure facility.  The residential islands has 16 villas each.  All islands sit in artificial lakes filled with seawater. 

EM Application

Effective Microorganisms for Agriculture L.L.C. performed a water treatment trial in one of the lakes, numbered P1-B, of which the water volume is 103,638 m3 and the surface area is 43,000m2. 

The trial was to see how EM works against algae and bad odor in Jumeriah Islands.

For the period from February 7th to June 15, 2021, they applied 120 tons of Activated EM・1

This lake is very big and has 5 waterfalls, so the water is constantly moving to the waterfalls. As the water does not stay, they also applied 20,000 EM Mudballs.

Effects and Results

[BEFORE] February, 2021

1.    Algae covers the entire surface of the lake. Adjacent to the tennis court, algae is covering the entire border, forming a thin layer of yellow algae in the water. 
2.    Bad smells in some corners, especially along the waterfalls.
3.    The presence of flies and mosquitoes as well as larvae was confirmed at several points in the lake.
4.    High turbidity / low visibility at the bottom of the lake 
5.    An environment that is not suitable for fish reproduction 

[AFTER] June 30, 2021

1.    The yellow layer of the algae which covered the borders was reduced remarkably. The layers of algae used to cover rocks, pebbles and soil of the lake.
2.    Bad odors disappeared in the corners and nearby waterfalls.
3.    The number of mosquitoes and their larvae in and around the lake decreased significantly.  
4.    The water became clean and clear. The transparency improved from 1 meter to 3 meters in some parts of the lake.
5.    Fish came back to the environment.

From the analysis report, it is worth noting that these values improved in 4 months.
・pH value improved from 8.5 → 7.6
・Total coliform CFU reduced  34  → <1.8 
・E.Coli CFU reduced  11 →  <1.8
・Turbidity reduced  4.2 →  0

*CFU <1.8 is considered absent according to the microbiological analysis method used. The absence of Total Coliform and E. Coli indicates that there is no fecal contamination in the water.



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(Updated in July, 2021)


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