Case Studies

  • Love for Growing Tomatoes

    Love for Growing Tomatoes


    Mr. Arakaki has been growing Mini Tomatoes with EM Technology in his farm for 36 years. Read more more

  • EM Lavender for Healing

    EM Lavender for Healing


    A lavender garden has been using EM Technology for about 5 years to improve its clay soil. This field was once badly damaged by the tsunami but after three years of using EM Technology, the field is in full bloom welcome approximately 5,000 people who visit the garden during flowering season. more

  • School Sustainable Gardening Competition

    School Sustainable Gardening Competition


    Since 2014 the Sustainable Gardening Competition for secondary school held every year in Sabah, Malaysia. Students take care of an assigned parcel of land for growing plants using EM Technology as much as sustainable and creative way they can. After about 6 months, they go under evaluation and compete against other participant schools. more

  • National Program Providing Activated EM・1 for Free

    National Program Providing Activated EM・1 for Free

    Republic of Korea (South Korea)

    The Government of South Korea has established the Environment-friendly Agriculture Promotion Act to control chemical agriculture products and promote the environment-friendly agriculture. In doing this, Agriculture Technology Centers, administrated by local governments, were founded to provide Activated EM・1 (AEM) as well as other microbial materials for free. more

  • Better Farming for Better Life

    Better Farming for Better Life


    In the suburbs of Kolkata, India farmers are using EM Bokashi and EM fertilizer provided for free by the Rotary International.
    Farmers are impressed and thankful with their bountiful and high quality harvest. more

  • The First Organic State in the World

    The First Organic State in the World


    In 2003, Sikkim state in India stopped importing chemical fertilizers and launched a program to convert farmers into organic applying EM Technology. Today, Sikkim state is the first organic state in the world recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and therefore, all of its farmland is certified organic. more

  • EM Pilot Test in Honeybee Colonies

    EM Pilot Test in Honeybee Colonies


    A pilot test launched in Argentina, showed the effects of EM in apiculture to treat bee disease such as Nosemosis and American foulbrood. See the results.

  • Aromatic EM Coffee

    Aromatic EM Coffee

    Costa Rica

    EM Coffee is grown in the middle of abundant nature in Costa Rica.
    They successfully created a cyclic system by applying EM Technology for irrigation and making compost. more

  • Successful No Tillage Farming

    Successful No Tillage Farming


    No tillage farming system was implemented in 1970 in Parana state.
    Mr. Uemura introduced EM Technology to fight disease and find an alternative to yield decreasing due to soil erosion. more

  • Healthy Roots in Organic Banana Farming

    Healthy Roots in Organic Banana Farming


    SOLE farm is an organic certified farm in Ecuador finding solutions to Nematode and roots growing.
    They introduced EM Technology in a pilot test for 2 months and found a remarkable result in root mass of banana plants. more

  • Improving Quality of Flowers

    Improving Quality of Flowers


    Súper Flor is a company in Chile dedicated to gerbera flower production for more than 16 years (at 2017). Applying EM Technology, they reached bigger flowers with vivid colors. Further, production increased in 45% while cost has been reduced in 75%. more

  • Healthy Garlic and Onions

    Healthy Garlic and Onions


    Tanabe Group Farm in Brazil has successfully introduced EM Technology to find a sustainable and biological way to fight resistance against herbicide, fungicide and insecticide. more